About MArVL

MArVL, the Monash Adaptive Visualisation Lab, is internationally renowned for its research into information visualisation, accessibility and responsive document layout. Led by Prof. Kim Marriott, this lab consists of academic staff, research programmers, postdoctoral fellows, and several PhD students.  The lab is located at Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia.  MArVL has a vibrant, collaborative research culture including fortnightly group meetings, informal and formal seminars and social events.

We have strong links with local and international industry. Our technologies underpin Apple’s Cocoa Auto Layout system and Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code Map feature. We have also worked with Vision Australia, jTribe, AusThink, Mozilla, and the W3C.

We are always looking for new enthusiastic PhD students. We have funding from various sources to provide fee-wavers and stipends for outstanding candidates.

Please see our list of active or proposed projects or suggest your own.

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD with the MArVL group, please contact us.